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    The screen or the back panel is broken

    • If the screen or the back panel is broken, contact a Sony Mobile contact center for further advice and guidance. A broken screen or back panel is normally not covered by the warranty, but we can still help you to handle the issue. Before we can determine whether a broken screen or back panel is covered by the warranty, a service technician has to examine your device. Find your local contact center here:
    • Be reminded of the third condition of the Limited warranty for your device: 3. This warranty does not cover any failure of the Product that is due to: Normal wear and tear. Misuse or failure to use in accordance with the Sony instructions for use and maintenance of the Product. Nor does this warranty cover any failure of the Product due to accident, software or hardware modification or adjustment, or acts of God. 
    • Before handing the device over for service, back up all your data, if possible, to avoid losing personal content. Data on the device is deleted during the service procedure. Also, turn off the Protection by my Xperia feature (not available in all devices) and remove all Google accounts from your device. Note that Sony Mobile is not responsible for any third-party apps that you use to make a backup.

    Tip: Even if the screen is broken, you might be able to back up your device. Search for The screen doesn't react to touch - how can I still use the phone? and The display is black - how can I still use the phone? on the Sony Mobile support web. Note that these articles or the methods described in them are not available to all Xperia models.

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