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    Video camera settings

    To adjust the video camera settings

    1. Activate the camera.
    2. Swipe to Icn sony camera switch video.
    3. To display settings, tap Icn sony menu settings l.
    4. Select the setting that you want to adjust, then make your changes.

    Video camera settings overview

    Video resolution

    Adjust the video resolution for different formats.

    Full HD
    Full HD (Full High Definition) format with 16:9 aspect ratio.
    HD (High Definition) format with 16:9 aspect ratio.
    VGA format with 4:3 aspect ratio.
    Record videos suitable for sending in multimedia messages. The recording time of this video format is limited so that video files can fit in a multimedia message.


    With the self-timer, you can record a video without holding the device. Use it to record group videos where everyone can be in the video. You can also use the self-timer if you want to avoid shaking the camera when recording videos.

    On (10 s.)
    Set a 10-second delay from when you tap the camera screen until the video begins to record.
    On (2 s.)
    Set a 2-second delay from when you tap the camera screen until the video begins to record.
    0.5 sec.
    Set a half-second delay from when you tap the camera screen until the video begins to record.
    The video begins to record as soon as you tap the camera screen.

    Smile Shutter™(video)

    Use the Smile Shutter™ function to determine what kind of smile the camera reacts to before recording a video.

    Focus mode

    The focus setting controls which part of a video-recorded subject should be sharp. When continuous autofocus is on, the camera keeps adjusting focus so that the area within the white focus frame stays sharp.

    Single auto focus
    The camera automatically focuses on the selected subject. Continuous autofocus is on.
    Face detection
    The camera automatically detects up to five human faces, indicated by frames on the screen. The camera automatically focuses on the nearest face. You can also select which face to focus on by tapping it on the screen. When you tap the camera screen, a yellow frame shows which face is selected and in focus. Face detection cannot be used for all scene types. Continuous autofocus is on.
    Object tracking
    When you select an object by touching it in the viewfinder, the camera tracks it for you.

    HDR video

    Use the video HDR (High-Dynamic Range) setting to record a video against strong back light or in conditions where the contrast is sharp. Video HDR compensates for the loss of detail and produces a picture that is representative of both dark and bright areas.


    This setting is only available in Manual capturing mode.


    This function automatically determines a well-balanced exposure by measuring the amount of light striking the image you want to capture.

    Measures the centre of the image, and determines the exposure based on the brightness of the subject there.
    Adjusts the exposure in a very small part of the image that you want to capture.
    Measures the amount of light on the face, and adjusts the exposure so that the face is neither too dark or too bright.
    Divides the image into multiple regions, and measures each region to determine a well-balanced exposure.


    This setting is only available in Manual capturing mode.


    When recording a video, it can be difficult to hold the device steady. The stabiliser helps by compensating for the small movements of your hand.

    Intelligent active
    Activate to remove the overall and detailed camera shakes.
    Activate to remove the high-frequency camera shakes.
    The stabiliser is turned off.

    Scene selection

    The Scene selection feature helps you to quickly set up the camera for common situations using pre-programmed video scenes. Each scene setting is designed to produce the best quality video possible in a specific recording environment.

    Icn sony cam cap mode scene selection Off
    The Scene selection feature is off and you can shoot videos manually.
    Icn sony camera scene softsnap Soft snap
    Use for shooting videos against soft backgrounds.
    Icn sony camera scene landscape Landscape
    Use for videos of landscapes. The camera focuses on distant objects.
    Icn sony camera scene night scene Night scene
    When turned on, light sensitivity is increased. Use in poorly lit environments. Videos of fast-moving objects may get blurred. Hold your hand steady, or use a support. Turn off night mode when lighting conditions are good, to improve the video quality.
    Icn sony camera scene beach snow Beach
    Use for videos of seaside or lakeside scenes.
    Icn sony cam scene snow Snow
    Use in bright environments to avoid overexposed videos.
    Icn sony camera scene sport Sports
    Use for videos of fast-moving objects. Short exposure time minimises motion blurring.
    Icn sony camera scene party Party
    Use for indoor videos in poorly lit environments. This scene picks up indoor background lighting or candlelight. Videos of fast-moving objects may get blurred. Hold your hand steady, or use a support.
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