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    Face detection

    You can use face detection to bring an off-centre face into focus. The camera automatically detects up to five faces, indicated by white frames. A coloured frame shows which face has been selected for focus. Focus is set to the face closest to the camera. You can also tap one of the frames to select which face should be in focus.

    To turn on face detection

    1. Activate the camera.
    2. Tap Icn sony camera superior auto, then select Icn sony camera mode manual.
    3. Tap Icn sony key menu, then tap Icn sony camera cap mode normal.
    4. Tap Focus mode > Face detection.

    To take a photo using face detection

    1. When the camera is open and Face detection turned on, point the camera at your subject. Up to five faces can be detected, and each detected face is framed.
    2. Press the camera key halfway down. A coloured frame shows which face is in focus.
    3. To take the photo, press the camera key fully down.
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