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    The device randomly turns off or doesn’t start up properly – what can I do?

    You may experience that your device is randomly turned off, and remains turned off. 

    Try these steps one after the other. Check whether the problem was solved after each step, before trying the next one.

    • If you are able to power on the device, update the device to a new software version using Xperia Companion.
    • Remove the SIM card, and then try restarting the device. If the device restarts successfully after you remove the SIM card, your SIM card may be damaged. Replace the SIM card.
    • Remove the SD card, and then try to force your device to restart. If the device restarts successfully after you remove the SD card, your SD card may be damaged. Replace the SD card.
    • Restart your Xperia device in Safe mode. In Safe mode, only software and applications that were already installed when you purchased your device are available. If the device’s performance improves in Safe mode, it’s likely that one or more of your post-purchase downloaded applications are affecting the device negatively. Proceed by uninstalling any interfering app.
    • Perform a factory data reset or, if you cannot access the device, perform a software repair using Xperia Companion. Before performing a software repair, make sure you know your Google credentials. Depending on your security settings, you may need to enter them in order to start up the device after a software repair. Note! Always back up all personal data before performing a factory data reset. All data in the internal memory is overwritten during a factory data reset. Content on an external SD card is kept.
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