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    Status and notifications

    The icons in the status bar inform you of events such as new messages and calendar notifications, activities in progress such as file downloads, and status information such as battery level and signal strength. You can drag down the status bar to open the Notification panel and handle your notifications. You can also customise the icons and notifications by selecting which system icons to display in the status bar and selecting apps that are allowed to send notifications.

    To open or close the Notification panel

    Scr sony 14ca down up notification panel

    To take action on a notification

    • Tap the notification.

    To dismiss a notification from the Notification panel

    • Place your finger on a notification and flick left or right.

    To clear all notifications from the Notification panel

    • Tap Clear.

    Notification light

    The notification light informs you about battery status and some other events. For example, a flashing white light means there is a new message or a missed call.

    Ill sony 14ca notification lamp

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