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    You must connect the charging dock to a power source for wireless charging to work. Make sure to remove any phone covers before using the wireless charging.

    To prevent overheating or damage:

    • Do not put any foreign materials, such as metal objects or magnets, between the phone and charging dock. This can interfere with charging, cause overheating or damage the devices.

    • Do not put any magnetic strip or IC chip cards on the charging dock as they may be demagnetized or broken.

    • Do not cover the charging dock with any material or cloth. This could interfere with the interior fan.

    • Do not let dust collect on the charging dock, keep the surface clean.

    Due to the magnet in the charging dock, the phone's compass will not work while the phone is on the charging dock.

    To charge a phone

    Wireless Charging Dock charging
    1. Connect one end of the USB Type-C cable to the charger.
    2. Connect the other end of the cable to the USB Type-C port on your charging dock.
    3. Place the phone on the charging dock so the wireless charging areas touch. Make sure to centre the phone on the wireless charging area for optimal charging time.
    4. When charging begins, the notification lights on the phone and charging dock illuminate. The phone’s charging icon appears on-screen.

    The compatible charger is the UCH12.

    To position a phone on the charging dock

    Wireless Charging Dock phone on charger
    • Place the phone on the charging dock so that both devices are in the same orientation.

    • If charging in landscape orientation, the phone's power key must be opposite from the charging dock stand, as shown in the illustration. If the phone's power key is touching the stand, it is incorrectly positioned and charging will not work.

    If charging does not start, try moving the phone slightly to the right or left.

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