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    The headphones aren't comfortable to wear

    • Make sure that you wear the headphones according to the wearing instructions.

      To wear the headset

      1. Hold the sound duct of the headphone (R) with your left hand.
      2. Gently pull down your right earlobe with your right hand.
      3. Slide the headphone from below so the driver unit goes behind your ear, then insert the ring supporter into your ear as shown in the illustration.
      4. Put on headphone (L) using the same procedure with opposite hands.

      To take off the headset

      • Hold the sound duct of the headphone (R), then gently slide it down to take off the headset.


        Do not hold the driver unit when taking off the headphone. Holding the driver unit when taking off the headphone may put stress on the sound duct, causing it to break.

    • Make sure that the ring supporter is the right size and that you have assembled it correctly.

      To change the ring supporter

      1. Choose the ring supporter size that fits stably and comfortably in your ear.
      2. To remove the ring supporter, firmly hold the part of the sound duct where the ring supporter is attached, then push the ring supporter straight backward.
      3. To attach the ring supporter, align the convex part of the headphone with the concave part of the ring supporter.
      4. When attaching, cover the hook A with the rubber of the ring supporter as shown in the illustration. Make sure not to tear the ring supporter.


        When removing or attaching the ring supporter, do not forcibly pull, push, or twist the ring supporter, as this can damage or tear the ring supporter. When attaching, make sure the right/left marks on the ring supporters match the marks on the headphones.

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