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    Using your SmartBand in wet and dusty conditions

    Your SmartBand is waterproof and dust resistant in compliance with the Ingress Protection (IP) ratings IP55 and IP58, as explained in the table below.

    These specific IP ratings mean that your SmartBand is dust resistant and is protected against low pressure water stream as well as against the effects of immersion for 30 minutes in fresh (non-saline) water up to 3 metres deep.

    You can use your SmartBand:

    • in dusty environments, for example, on a windy beach.
    • when your fingers are wet.
    • in some extreme weather conditions, for example, when it’s snowing or raining.
    • in fresh (non-saline) water depths of 3 metres or less, for example, in a fresh water lake or river.
    • in a chlorinated swimming pool.

    Even if your SmartBand is resistant to dust and water, you should avoid exposing it unnecessarily to environments with excessive dust, sand and mud or to moist environments with extreme high or low temperatures. The waterproof ability of the micro USB port cannot be guaranteed in all environments or conditions.

    Never immerse your SmartBand in salt water or let the micro USB port come in contact with salt water. For example, if you’re at the beach, remember to keep your SmartBand away from the sea water. Also, never expose the SmartBand to any liquid chemicals. For example, if you’re washing dishes by hand using liquid detergent, avoid bringing your SmartBand in contact with the detergent. After exposure to non-fresh water, rinse your SmartBand using fresh water.

    Normal wear and tear along with damage to your SmartBand can reduce its ability to resist dust or moisture. After using the SmartBand in water, dry off the areas around the micro USB port.

    All compatible accessories, including batteries, chargers and micro USB cables, are not waterproof and dust resistant on their own.

    Your warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by abuse or improper use of your SmartBand (including use in environments where the relevant IP rating limitations are exceeded). If you have any further questions about the use of your products, refer to our Customer support service for help. To view more specific information about water resistance, go to Water and dust protection.

    Ingress Protection Rating

    Your SmartBand has an IP rating, which means it has undergone certified tests to measure its resistance levels to both dust and water. The first digit in the two-digit IP rating indicates the level of protection against solid objects, including dust. The second digit indicates how resistant the device is to water.

    Resistance to solid objects and dust Resistance to water
    IP0X: No special protection IPX0. No special protection
    IP1X. Protected against solid objects > 50 mm in diameter IPX1. Protected against dripping water
    IP2X. Protected against solid objects > 12.5 mm in diameter IPX2. Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees from normal position
    IP3X. Protected against solid objects > 2.5 mm in diameter IPX3. Protected against spraying water
    IP4X. Protected against solid objects > 1 mm in diameter IPX4. Protected against splashing water
    IP5X. Protected against dust; limited ingress (no harmful deposit) IPX5. Protected against water jet spray for at least 3 minutes
    IP6X. Dust tight IPX6. Protected against heavy jet spray for at least 3 minutes
      IPX7. Protected against the effects of immersion in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes
      IPX8. Protected against the effects of continued immersion in water depths greater than 1 metre. The exact conditions are specified for each device by the manufacturer.
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