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Insert text and special characters

While entering text, you can access a Quick text settings menu that helps you set options for text prediction. For example, you can decide how you want the phone to present word alternatives and correct words as you type, or enable the text input application to remember new words you write.

To display the keyboard to enter text:

  • Tap a text entry field.

To enter text:

  • To enter a character visible on the keyboard, tap the character.
  • To enter a character variant, touch and hold a regular keyboard character to get a list of available options, then select from the list. For example, to enter é, touch and hold e until other options appear, then, while keeping your finger pressed on the keyboard, drag to and select é.

To enter numbers or symbols:

  • When you enter text, select the Numbers and symbols key in the bottom left corner. A keyboard with numbers and symbols appears.

To insert a smiley:

  1. When you enter text, touch and hold the Numbers and symbols key in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select a smiley.

To change quick text settings:

  1. When you enter text, touch and hold the Settings key in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap Quick text settings.
  3. Select the desired settings.

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